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Pictet Wealth Management: Swiss Pension App

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Pictet Wealth Management—one of the three major business lines within Pictet—are responsible for the application and handling of pensions for Pictet’s client base. Switzerland has one of the best pension systems in the world, which makes this an important client service for Pictet. Their method of accessing a client for their suitability involved taking them through a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet. It was this experience we were asked to improve.

In my role as senior designer at Scheybeler+company I helped design and develop an iPad app that would be loaded onto the wealth managers iPad and form the focus of interaction between a Pictet and their potential pension clients. We didn’t just want to make it easier and more attractive to use, we also included new functionality and refinement tools. The app was inspired by the simplicity of Swiss graphic design from the 1950’s, know as the International Typographic Style. Pictet gave us permission to move away from the classical branding seen in projects like and this saw new typefaces introduced to help recreate that iconic Swiss aesthetic.