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Pictet wanted to extend the same visual language defined in the redesign to its client communication within emails. In my role as senior designer at Scheybeler+company, I helped to develop a modular system of components that bolt together in a huge variety of combinations to respond to the requirements of each piece of communication. In addition I advised Pictet on the technical solutions required to send these emails to replace their current system of BCC’ing recipients.

The project initially was focussed on the needs of the Pictet Asset Management Paris office as a pilot. After carrying out an audit of the emails being sent & creating groups of content repeated across the correspondence, we developed the idea of each type of data being held within its own frame or module to help create a linier structure to help the recipient focus on & understand the content. The design allows scenarios of both personal & generic correspondence with the bold step of removing elements of the brand & email furniture found within most typical newsletter emails.