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Citrix are one of the world’s leading business software solutions providers. Part of their success comes down to having a knowledgeable and engaged workforce working with their clients. Part of achieving this comes down to an internal directive of delivering regular internal reports to their workforce showcasing the impact of technology in the workplace across the globe.

For two particular reports commissioned by Citrix and researched by Hotwire, the Hotwire Labs team—of which I was a junior creative director—was asked to design and illustrate the reports including being responsible for the creative direction and art direction.

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Illustration is something I normally leave to career illustrators, but on this occasion I was asked if I would be willing to illustrate this project. With my willingness to give throw myself behind giving myself a go, I set about developing mood boards that I felt best played to my geometric and mathematical approach to design.

The narrative in the reports focused around ‘digital transformation’ and from here I developed a visual language of comparing business tools of the past with those that replaced them. By laying them atop each other on the same grid I could represent the ‘digital transformation’ with a line cutting through the centre separating the past and present.

For the second report I worked with an animator to create a series of animations in the same illustration style, using the same ‘digital transformation’ premise. These would go on to be used in an interactive report and online by Citrix.

The illustration style was so successful and universally liked, Citrix’s marketing department informally adopted it as their in house style.