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The best kind of ‘job’ is one where you can tie all your passions into one creative outlet that no longer feels like a ‘job’. When I go to work, I do so because I love doing what I do. I love to combine deep analytical thinking with clean crisp visuals, creative technological applications with well–constructed rational, user expectations with user requirements, all in the pursuit of solving a problem.

I’m not the kind of creative that looks at a brief and manipulates it to best suit their skillset. Instead I look at what’s best for the user and the business and develop my skillset to best answer the demand. In the past I have taught myself After Effects in an evening to be able to animate something as I desired through Photoshop, I have taken on an illustration brief when the client didn’t buy into the freelancers works that was later adopted as their in–house illustration style. I got a job in PR when I wanted to expand my knowledge marketing, I got a job in product design when I reflected on enjoying a product design brief with Travelex and wanted to deepen my knowledge.

As my career has progressed I have found more and more comfort, and creative freedom in not being pinned to any solution being dictated by my background of graphics. I look at UX, UI, art direction, creation direction, animation, branding, print design, strategy, research, marketing product design and service design not as job titles, but the skillsets that let me solve any problem presented to me.

My inspiration doesn’t come from the regular avenues that most creatives lean upon, instead I look towards those industries with a forward thinking mentality like technology, engineering and business. When I do take in plentiful eye candy of Pinterest and Designspiration I try to look past the highly polished outputs of those that came before me and instead at the inspiration behind their work or the visual history of their sector and business.

All of this was hugely influenced by the amazing people I surrounded myself with at the start of my career, the amazing access to their clients they entrusted me with. I was given an environment as a junior that allowed me to make my mistakes, but most importantly, learn from them. Working in small team for the majority of my early career meant there was nowhere for me to hide. In a short period I went from fresh–faced junior designer to flying to Switzerland on my own multiple times a month to lead workshops in a 200–year–old Swiss private bank.

Outside of my creative endeavours, I’m a driven athlete. Having competed up to the fringes of the national rowing squad as a teenager, I have now switched my focus to cycling and spend a lot of my spare time training to race my way up the leagues of cycling in the South East of the UK.

Employment History

Thomson Reuters

April ‘18 – April ‘19 / Lead Designer (Contract)

I was invited into Thomson Reuters to lead an in house team working on a Thomson Reuters design system. Previously a team of developers and designers working across several major projects—including a new corporate website—banded together to in a joint initiative to deliver a better digital experience for customers across the company by focusing around a corporate design system. The decision was made that an experienced designer was required to come in and take creative control of the platform through its early phases to set it up for success.

My goal is to provide Thomson Reuters customers with a consistent and coherent experience across all digital touch points that’s aligned to Thomson Reuters principles, whilst delivering time and cost efficiencies inside the company. My role involves not just hands on work in crafting and designing the system from the ground up with a team of designers, developers, content strategists and business analysts, but working with stakeholders from around the company to ensure I can implement a cultural shift in the way the Thomson Reuters delivers branding in the digital spectrum to allow a design system to thrive. My role has also seen me work directly with the internal branding team and external agencies on advancing the existing branding to better reflect the needs of a digital first application.


April ‘17 – February ‘18 / Senior UI & UX Designer

I joined Nimbletank to further my knowledge on product and service design after reflecting on what I enjoyed the most from my time at Hotwire Global. I was brought in to help turn around the fate of their largest project, a joint venture with Microsoft on behalf of one of the world’s largest media agency networks MediaCom. The project had seen a series of different designers and creatives working in isolation and needed someone to come in and help align all the UI and UX into one creative direction. I was positioned as the creative director on the project and worked with the individual product owners in MediaCom to gather, understand and execute the many unique requirements of the business through UX and into UI, before working with the development team in bringing it to life.

Once successfully delivered, I worked as the creative lead on projects for Santander, iGO4 Insurance and The Royal Mint alongside leading the creative on pitches for One & Only Luxury Resorts and Bupa.

Hotwire Labs @ Hotwire Global

December ‘14 – December ‘16 / Junior Creative Director

I joined the Hotwire Labs team to better my knowledge of marketing and PR in general. Hotwire Global is a multinational B2B tech and consumer focused PR company with 18 offices and affiliates around the world. I joined to form the beginning of a new chapter in the company’s history as they looked to develop a multidisciplinary creative team at the centre of the company. Our job was to enact their future vision of PR, where the focus is less on traditional media relations and instead more on creating stories and executing campaigns to engage an audience directly with the support of media relations. Building on these relationships with PR clients we also developed organic growth streams that included non–PR focused activities including rebranding, print and digital design work.

As a result of the startup mentality within the Labs team, I was required to be adaptable to many disciplines throughout my two years. My responsibilities included creative direction, art direction, head of branding, head of design, project manager, account manager, creative and strategist. Over the two years within Labs I had roles in executing brand refreshes for tech startups Ultrahaptics and Origami energy, delivering creative campaigns for Travelex, delivering creative guidance for GoPro, Red Bull and xAd, as well as art direction and design for Qualcomm, Citrix, De La Rue, JTI, Qlik and Intel Security. I also dedicated my time to helping to improve the visual presentation of Hotwire developing new way of delivering the visual identity through video, print and digital.


April ‘11 – August ‘14 / Senior Designer

Scheybeler+company was created by Luke Scheybeler, the co–founder and creative architect behind the world renowned premium cycling apparel company, Rapha. Scheybeler+company is a small network of creatives that collaborates on large projects for clients such as pharmaceutical giants MSD and the prestigious Swiss private bank, Pictet and Cie. Alongside this, Scheybeler+company also run self–initiated projects such as The Collarbone and ultra creative projects for clients such as Nike 78 and Pretorius Bikes.

My primary role at Scheybeler+company was to oversee the digital output of the studio, predominantly the work produced for Pictet and Cie. Working directly with Pictet and suppliers on the production of all the digital outputs for, Pictet Perspectives, Prix Pictet, Pictet Wealth Management Advertising and Pictet email communications. From the start of a project to the finish, I could and would be involved in the design, production, quality assurance, product management, planning, strategy, content and delivery of the work

Liquid 24

November ‘09 – December ‘10 / Graphic Designer

Buckinghamshire Chilterns University College

September ‘07 – April ‘09 / Freelance Graphic Designer

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